A disclaimer

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When reading my blog, or actually anything on the internet about tech and dev, you may find things you do not agree with.

I may talk technologies down. Praise others. And you may see others doing the same. But the truth is, none of this really matters.

What matters most is that you build and deliver stuff.

What I mean by that? Well…

No matter the tool, what matter is getting sh*t done.

It doesn’t matter if you use Node.js, Java, Go or Rust for you backend. And it doesn’t matter if you use the next shining front-end framework or jQuery either. As long as you have the knowledge with the tools, simply use them to deliver.

It’s important to emphasize it in a blog post because I often see fellow devs getting themselves into technology holy wars in order to choose which language uses a little fewer MB of RAM, or which framework runs 50ms faster in the client. And while people are debating those details, they forget the most important goal, that is to actually build and deliver useful things to the user.

Your user do not care about milliseconds, it cares about solutions to their problems. And there are plenty of developers earning millions in revenue building solutions in PHP and jQuery, and writing landing pages in Elementor to this year.

So in the end, what matters most is to deliver your project or your product, using whatever tool you have proficiency to build it.

We as hackers and tech enthusiasts must always be pushing for technologies that are more performative and productive, but never take this mission more seriously than actually delivering valuation to your users.