Why not only portuguese?

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I’ll start writing articles in english. And you should too.

So in 2019 I decided to write blog posts in my native language, portuguese. If you check my portuguese blog, you can see that didn’t went as well as planned.

The last 2 to 3 years were a rough ride for us all, and just recently I’ve noticed that much of the tech content that I consume is english content. Not only the content, but the trends, discussions, flamewars, relevant personalities, they all have this one thing in common: they use english as the I/O protocol for exchanging thoughts.

So since I want to start writing again, and love my native language, but also find it important to share some thoughts on things that are being discussed in english, I’ll now keep two blogs, one for thoughts in portuguese, and one for thoughts in english.

git checkout -b en/blog

So thats it. See you around in english, or perhaps in portuguese.